BET got their money’s worth when they hired Chris Rock to host the BET Awards show. Not only did Rock have to do a few impromptu jokes because of technical difficulties, he managed to throw sufficient shade at Donald Sterling  in his monologue.

The comic ripped Sterling a new one making a slavery joke claiming the first black person Sterling ever met, was given to him as a gift.

Rock said, “Let me get this straight an 83-year-old white man doesn’t like black people. Is that news? ‘First of all a black man couldn’t look him in the eye till he was 45.  ‘The first black man he ever met he got for Christmas”.

Rock then joked about the recorded conversations captured by V. Stiviano, and how she was told not to bring black people to the basketball games.  ‘What exactly did Donald Sterling say? “I don’t want my woman around black basketball players.” Me either! Are you kidding me? Who in the hell wants their woman around black basketball players and I’m specific about black ball players. I don’t care if my woman’s with (white players) J. J. Redick, Mike Dunleavy, David Lee, but if I see you with Serge Ibaka we gotta talk.”

Just in case you need to see a pic of Ibaka:


Good googly moogly.

Rock may have a point there.

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  • noirluv45

    I thought this was the best BET awards I’ve ever seen. Despite the technical difficulties, I though Chris Rock was great and funny.

  • Joy

    If you see me with Serge Ibaka, you and I don’t have sh!t to talk about. Pack your stuff and be off.

    • ALM247


  • CeCe

    Serge Ibaka who? (*begins the Google search).

  • binks

    I must say Chris Rock did a great job it is refreshing to see comics not afraid to shade people in fun while not kissing @ss. And I must say if I saw Serge Ibaka we would be married, pregnant and planning baby number 2 in those 5 seconds…lol. I see why Kerry Hilson has a smile on her face.