Tracy Morgan & his fiance Megan Wollover.

Tracy Morgan and his fiancé Megan Wollover.

Comedian Tracy Morgan is fighting for his life today after a six-car pileup on the New Jersey turnpike. Morgan and several others were traveling in a limo bus when an 18-wheeler struck their vehicle, killing one and injuring several others.

According to reports, the tragic accident was caused by a drowsy truck driver who didn’t notice traffic has slowed down.

“Driver failed to observe slow-moving traffic ahead,” New Jersey State Police Sgt. First Class Gregory Williams said. “He observed at the last-minute — just prior to impact — the limo bus carrying Morgan and his party.”

Morgan’s writing partner and fellow comedian James McNair was killed in the crash, and his assistant, Jeff Millea, is also in critical condition.

The 30 Rock star appeared Friday night at the Dover Downs Hotel and Casino in Dover, Delaware, and was scheduled to perform in North Carolina tonight.

Morgan is the father of four children, including an infant daughter his fiancé Megan Wollover gave birth to last July.

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