Dave Chappelle was back last night – well on the Late Show With David Letterman – still defending his decision to abandon the Chappelle’s Show, of course.

Letterman asks Chappelle about agreeing to a “large sum of money” to continue the show, but then suddenly disappearing to South Africa for an “extended period of time.”

Chappelle responds that he was only in South Africa for two weeks, which was met with laughter. Then he adds, “There’s not too many good hiding places left in America.”

When asked if he regretted his choice and would he have been a better person had he stuck around, he says:

“I think I might have been a happier person. I don’t know. There’s no way of knowing. But sometimes I listen to a Jay-Z record, and it starts to make me feel bad about some of the choices I made. This guy’s had more fun in two songs than I’ve had in the last 11 years.”

Watch the clip from last night’s Letterman show:

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  • ALM247

    Come rain or shine, he’s indeed still funny.

    It’s interesting seeming him with a little weight. He seems like the type of guy who is naturally rail thin.

    I only saw part of this interview, and it seems like he sat down with his accountant and realized that he has more bills than money.

    I think a lot of people respected him based on the reasons that he didn’t take the money, and It sounds like he’s about to cave.

    He mentions how integrity doesn’t pay the bills.

    These celebs usually only make the talk show circuit when they have something to promote. I didn’t see the beginning of the clip when he was announced as a guest. Does anyone know if he was there to promote a new project?

    If not, then I guess this was a way to ease the audience in to the return of “Chappelle’s Show” or a similar project.

    • He’s definitely selling something!

    • ALM247

      LOL :)

    • elsay

      He’s having a few dates coming (for his stand-up routine)

    • ALM247

      Ok, Thanks :)

    • prettypractical.com

      I appreciate your analysis/comment. I think you’re right, 7 years ago it was youthful idealism that made him walk away from a huge sum of money. From what he has said publicly, continuing the show was unsettling to him. He didn’t know if folks were laughing with him or at him. Now, he’s matured and the reality of having a family to support, retirement, etc. has set in. I think he regrets the decision he made, however, I think he’s a better artist/comic because of it. Imagine if he had agreed to continue, would we be seeing him on the Eddie Murphy track? Doing a chain of sh*tty, awful movies for the big payday? Norbit anyone? Very difficult for me to remember the last time Eddie Murphy was funny. I think he did the right thing. I loved Chappelle’s Show, plus or minus a few skits, but taking that money and continuing would have been the doorway to doom, artistically speaking. I wish him well on his future endeavors.

    • Kema

      I liked Norbit!!!

    • Krystal Guest

      He has a few shows at Radio City Music Hall coming up later this month. I’ll definitely be there. I loved his show and although I was sorry he ended it I have so much respect for him as a comedian and entertainer.

    • ALM247

      Ok, Thanks :)

  • Lisss

    But through it all, no matter if he is about to “cave in” or “selling something”, he always remain honest. I genuinely thinks he is the sort of guy who would not mind making fun of his financial situation if he were to have a new show. I love him for that.

    • I agree about his genuine honesty but what I loved the most was the way he handled himself as Letterman continually tried to dig into him for information. He’s definitely a pro!

  • Secret87

    I was never a fan. I tried to give him a go, but he did a skit where the humor was telling slaves on the plantation they were free, and he shot the slave owners…he said it wasn’t approved because his fans didn’t find it funny aka whites.
    But him making fun of blacks and having them on toilets demanding their rights, his jokes about civil rights ect…were very racist or borderline racist, but somehow that was allowed. So I hope he stays away another 7 years. Some jokes can go too far.

    • Rosie Perez

      Ah I see from your use of the word “racist” to describe a Black man making fun of Black people that you are not Black

    • Secret87

      Thats not making fun, that is racist. Your own race Perez can be racist towards each other sometimes.

    • Eagle-eyed comment!

    • Taz

      The Chris Rock show was funnier

  • the two daves put on a classic interview..loved the mutual respect shown