You know who annoys me? Don Lemon annoys me. It seems as though every chance he gets, he uses it to throw black people under the bus. In this week’s episode of “Shit Don Lemon Says”, the CNN news anchor penned a piece for Black America Web explaining why black people could be responsible for Justin Bieber’s use of the ‘n’ word.

This week, TMZ released two videos of Bieber’s ‘n’ word laced rants. Allegedly the videos were taken when Bieber was around 14/15 years old. It wasn’t until Usher Raymond, the person we can blame for giving us Bieber, sat a young Bieber down and explained the error of his ways that the pop singer realized he was wrong.

But according to Lemon, black people and most importantly hip-hop and rap music are to blame.

From Black America Web:

But I do know that this is the danger of the proliferation of the use of the n-word. People hear it in music. They hear it on the street. They hear it almost everywhere and they subliminally become immune. Very frequently I hear young people of all ages, in public, who can barely get through a sentence without using the word; even calling each other n-words — of all different ethnicities. Clearly Justin Bieber, a young man who by the way, has immersed himself in black, Hip Hop culture should not be saying the n-word. So the question is, if you want people like Justin Bieber to stop using it and to stop making excuses for using it, shouldn’t you do the same?

As former Clutch editor, Yesha Callahan wrote on The Root, does it really matter if black people all of a sudden stop using the word? Will it automatically make white people stop using it also? Personally, I doubt it.

The word has been around for centuries. Rap and hip-hop music has not.  Once again Lemon proves that maybe he should stick to reading off a teleprompter and save his commentary for pillow talk.


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  • akay

    The problem truly isn’t just the word. Yes, we all should stop using the word.

    The feeling behind the word is what needs to be changed. If
    we tell people to stop using a word, yea they might stop that doesn’t change
    how they feel. They’ll just substitute another word (i.e. thug, etc.) to
    express what they feel.

  • akay

    I don’t like Don Lemmon, but it this case I totally agree. At some point we must take responsibility for own actions and how they effect the world we live in.

  • Jueceman

    Black people need to stop this conversation all together and embrace the word. Telling someone that they can and cannot do something is the same thing slave masters did to control their slaves. Laws make us free not words so we should embrace the fact that we all can choose to say or not say as we please. Somehow thinking that we are lesser people even if called a n-word or acting like a so called “n-word” is the slave mentality that controls and divides us. Embrace your hoods, embrace your mal-contents, embrace your uncle toms because all other cultures sure stand by their angels and demons of the same color…well u know, except for white people…white people can hate anything…remember that