Another black woman win is (hopefully) about to be added to the big screen. In addition to Amma Asante’s Belle already gracing theaters right now and Lupita Nyong’o teaming up with Chimamanda Adichie for an Americanah adaptation, Edwidge Danticat is preparing for her work to make its screen debut.

Writer and filmmaker Easmanie Michel is working to bring Danticat’s short story “Caroline’s Wedding” to theaters. The story is part of Danticat’s 1995 book Krik? Krak!.  The plot involves tensions between two Haitian-American sisters in Brooklyn in the home they share with their tradition driven Haitian mother.

Part of what makes Danticat’s stories so powerful is her attention to detail and how she chronicles the richness and complexity of Haitian culture often from a woman’s perspective. Danticat and other black woman storytellers like her bring a certain depth to our (black women’s) stories that is frequently missing in other narratives.

In order to get “Caroline’s Wedding” to the big screen, Michel created a Kickstarter page. The campaign ends on Sunday, June 22 and has quite a bit to go to reach its $50,000 goal.  The perks associated with backing the project include an mp3 of a song off the film’s soundtrack ($20), an HD download of the film ($100) and a signed copy of an Edwidge Danticat book ($250). The smallest pledge amount is $10 and with that you get a “thank you” and a social media shout out.  Shelling out $10,000 will give you executive producer credit. Oh and Jamie Hector (Marlo fromThe Wire) has a role in the flick, if that moves you at all.

Author Edwidge Danticat and writer/director Easmanie Michel

Social media can be a blessing and a curse. On one hand it’s great that creatives have the option of crowd-sourcing their work. But then it is also unfortunate that the “machines” in place are not willing to back projects like this and the artists are forced to ask their potential fans for the resources to even create the work in the first place and then post-production and distribution are whole other animals.

Are you willing to back work that you feel will be quality? What do you think about Kickstarter projects in general? Are there certain types that you would never back? Personally, I would never (eva, eva, EVA) back somebody’s wedding fund. Never. Start off your marriage with fiscal responsibility. Mmmmkay? Sound off in the comments!

Demetria Irwin is a New York City-based freelance writer and editor who is a Detroit, Michigan native. Connect with her on Twitter (@love_is_dope) or on Facebook. 

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