061214 Erykah Badu Mantra 2

As a faithful yogi, vegetarian, and doula, Erykah Badu was a natural choice for the cover of yoga and health-centered Mantra magazine.

Wait, was that “doula?”

Yup. The 43-year-old mother, artist, badass, and goddess – as Mantra describes her – talks about how she had to deliver her own baby because the doctors weren’t ready and didn’t have their gloves on.

And she adds that not only is she there for those coming into the world, but also for those going out. She says she sits “by the bedsides of people who are dying.”

I bet that’s something we didn’t know about Ms. Badu.

061214 Erykah Badu Mantra 1

Read the entire interview in the June/July issue of Mantra.

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