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  • I am sorry but that meth question was funny.

  • PsycNerd

    That was awesome.

  • gigi

    Check out
    web series

    black in publuc

    by chase allen

    just as crazy. Funny as hell

  • Jenb

    I loved the hair comment, and the Jennifer Lawrence comment. I’ve had several white girls tell me they think I look like Zoe Saldana and Gabrielle Union lol. These two women look nothing alike! They made an Asian version of this video last week, both are extremely hilarious. Sadly, but unexpectedly, white people think this video is racist lol.

  • Anthony

    If Saturday Night Live did something like this, it would be worth watching again. Just the image of the sister trying to touch the white woman’s hair cracks me up. The bit about does your white boyfriend have a tiny penis, is funny too. I have been approached for dope just like in the video also.