What’s wrong with a father who would do anything for their daughter? Well, when that ‘anything’ involves in holding down another girl while his daughter kicks her ass, a lot. A 45-year-old Houston, Texas man has been arrested after police say he held down a teenage girl so his daughter could hit her.

According to court documents, on June 19, Darren Keith Patrick held a 14-year-old girl up against a fence while his daughter hit, kicked and struck the teenager with a shoe. 

A Houston ISD police officer said that Patrick followed the student home from Jack Yates High school on a bicycle while his daughter ran behind her in the 3700 block of Sampson.  Patrick got off his bike and held the victim up against a chain link fence while his daughter called her names and hit her, according to court documents. 

Patrick is charged with injury to a child and is being held without bond. 

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