Fifa is taking racism seriously when it comes to the World Cup.  The soccer organization is investigating a possible racial discrimination case after photographs circulated of fans with blackface  at Germany’s match against Ghana.

The images were posted all over social media Saturday, and shows two men, appearing to be Germany fans, dressed in blackface.

According to the Associated Press, Fifa said that its disciplinary committee is considering opening a case. It will also consider a report by the FIFA match commissioner, Eggert Magnusson of Iceland.

“We do not respect any discriminatory messages.” FIFA spokeswoman Delia Fischer said.

But that’s not the only incident Fifa is currently investigating. In a second incident, a man ran onto the pitch in the second half of the 2-2 draw.

The shirtless fan had an email address and telephone number written on his back. He was ushered away by Ghana midfielder Sulley Muntari before being detained by stewards.

Brazil’s organizing committee spokesman Saint-Clair Milesi said the man was reportedly from Poland.

“He came running, charged and jumped over the stewards,” Milesi said. “Such behavior is totally unacceptable. He was taken to the local authorities for the proper measures.”

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  • LemonnLime

    What?! Blackface?! At a soccer event?!? Say it ain’t so! ¬_¬

  • Anonin

    Fifa aint gonna do shit, like its the last worry they have literally.

  • Eduardo

    That of course looks racist (not to mention stupid). For some reason now I’m thinking of the time when Beyonce did a shoot in blackface. Context and all that…


    One of France’s premiere fashion magazines, L’Officiel Paris, thought they would honor Nigerian musician and human rights activist Fela Kuti by dressing Beyoncé up as, what they would like to call, an “African Queen.”

    The editorial shoot includes images of the international pop sensation in blackface, clad in leopard prints, feathers, head-dresses and necklaces with bones hanging off of them. A “return to Beyoncé’s African roots,” according to L’Officiel.

    • Me

      ?! i never heard about this… guessing her team worked overtime to bury it. wth! this is a disgrace!

    • Eduardo

      This opens up an interesting discussion: if we say that Beyonce by being an African-American woman cannot possibly be in blackface, then the issue of colorism that it presents should cease to exist. As an analogy, it’s like saying that the N-word cannot be degrading if it is uttered by another African-American. Considering that both colorism and the N-word are still subject to debate in the African-American community, I’d say that Beyonce’s blackface is very problematic. At the very least I consider it tasteless because it stereotypes Nigerians to a dark face and animal prints. For example, if someone decided to honor Puerto Rico with a caricature of a salsa dancer I’d be royally pissed.

      @Me: do you think that Beyonce’s blackface deserves its own article?

    • Me

      yea. i definitely think it deserves its own article. that’s why i’m surprised i hadn’t heard about it until now. it’s the same issue i have w/ saldana playing nina simone & needing to wear prosthetics & black face to pull it off. it’s disrespect. & i agree about the stereotypes of nigerians. it was a very ignorant thing to do, & beyonce shoulda been blasted for it. but like i said, i bet her team worked overtime to make sure she wasn’t.

    • Kema

      I believe Beyonce’s blackface was covered here.

    • LemonnLime
    • Eduardo

      Thanks. Reading through the comments I can see that opinions are very divided.

  • Mary Burrell

    I am not surprised at these idiots so typical. Same idiocy different day. It will never end.

  • Ignorant people will be ignorant people. The people with the blackface mocking the beauty nation of Ghana should be ashamed of themselves. The reality is that racism found in the international soccer world is very common. Also, I do respect the protests in Brazil fighting for workers’ rights and other improvements in Brazil. I like to mention that.