Let’s bow our heads in memory of the print issue of JET magazine. Its transition to an all-digital magazine is almost complete.

The final print cover will reflect a collage of memorable covers from its 63-year history. Inside will be a “retrospective look at news covered over the magazine’s long history, encapsulated in its catchphrase ‘If it isn’t in JET, it didn’t happen.’”

The digital app will be available on all tablet and mobile devices and will launch June 30. It will have an EBONY and JET digital store and new interactive features in addition to its usual content.

The last print issue hits newsstands June 9th.



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  • Ask_Me

    Sad days…another black publication killed off by poor editing, culture degradation, and corporate America.

    I have a strong feeling the next headline will read: R.I.P. Jet because I don’t know many people who actually buy/subscribe to digital magazines…unless it’s something that comes with the print version.

    • Mary Burrell

      @ Ask_Me: Exactly. Well said.

  • omfg

    Never thought jet would ever stop publication.

  • Mary Burrell

    This is just sad. Ebony and Jet were what the black community had when we wanted the black perspective on entertainment, social issues, sports,etc. Mr and Mrs Johnson must be turning over in their graves. All their hard work gone.

  • Many of us were raised on JET and Ebony. They gave us a lot insight on our community and many political matters. I still look at JET and Ebony from time to time to look at political issues, culture, advice, etc. It remains to be seen what the popular of the digital version of JET will be.