Jaden Newman is probably the only 9-year-old playing varsity high school basketball and is only in the 4th grade. On top of that, she’s already being recruited by a major collegiate program.

Don’t let Jaden’s age and size fool you currently  she averages 14.8 points and 7.5 assists per game.

Earlier this month, Jaden received an official recruiting letter from the University of Miami’s women’s basketball program. Miami’s coach, Derrick Gibbs, put a call into the Newman family though Jaden’s Downey Christian School. Jaden, who is also coached by her father, made an unofficial recruitment visit to Miami, but it’s actually not her top school of choice, Connecticut is.

Jaden is definitely one kid to watch out for!

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  • Me

    this is ridiculous… y’all don’t even know if this girl is reading at a 4th grade level, but y’all tryna guarantee that she’ll come shuck & jive for the school’s profit. this country is going backwards in priorities. now how many kids has the U been stalking since the 4th grade for research & academics?

    • Me

      & this the reason why i think student athletes should be considered employees of the school. cuz this obviously got nothing to do w/how to get her a degree that she’ll be able to depend on if she doesn’t go pro.

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