Jeremy Meeks is now an internet sensation because of his looks. But it’s what he’s accused of doing that has him sitting behind bars with $900,000 as his bail. Meeks and three others were arrested during a sting operation in Stockton, California. The Stockton Police department routinely posts arrest photos on their Facebook page, but Meeks has received the most shares, likes and comments. Officer Joseph Silva, a spokesman for the Stockton Police Department, said that no previous arrest photo has garnered so much positive attention.

Meeks was arrested on five weapons charges and previously spent 9 years in prison. But none of that has stopped both men and women from lusting after his blue eyes and chiseled features. But there are those people who have called people making comments about Meeks desperate, because of his criminal activity.  

There’s no doubt that Meeks has a history, but in his jail house interview below, he said he wants the world to know that he’s just a husband with a baby, who was on the right path, nevermind the artillery he was caught with. Also, that teardrop tattoo doesn’t mean he likes rain. In Meeks’ interview he said it’s because of something he did in his past that he’s not proud of.  I hate to guess, but my knowledge of tattoos and gang culture, means he’s probably murked someone.

Yes, Meeks is married.


Which brings us to the question.

Clutchettes, if you met a person and they told you about their past, and it included a felon conviction(s), would you date them? 


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  • vintagesouleclectic

    This is the problem with our culture…just cause it looks good doesn’t make it good…in other news…black men marry mediocre ugly white women but talk about black women horribly?

  • Julia Finley

    To answer The Clutch on whether i would *date* a felon, I am *married* to a felon. The difference between the ogglers and the one woman this handsome black man would make his wife, is that she sees beyond the eye candy and the felony. She has a mature understanding of the predicament of black men today and knows that being a good man is a choice, regardless of a person’s history. People change and grow, and this woman helps him do just that.

    I love my husband, with all my heart, and no one can take that away from me.

  • Ash & Co.

    No thanks, I prefer men in suits. Orange is not the new black.

  • Trinity Sheil

    Maybe it’s me, maybe I am just a mother with a very different set of values or I see the world through a different set of eyes. I understand that the World has been very taken by Mr. Meeks and his mass appeal. Usually we didn’t look twice at felons when they flashed on the news, we just looked at them as some sort of underbelly, something that you didn’t want to become, the stuff that you warned your children not to become. We never idolized felons, who makes a movement of hashtags to say that this man that we don’t even know makes our panties wet? I don’t know this man, and these women whose self-esteem sag on nothingness does not speak for me. I tend to like my men with character, jobs, moral, sense of self, sense of family, the ability to learn from mistakes. Credit worthiness, college degrees ambition, a future that we can both see ourselves going down. A man who when he looks at his children he can tell them he will be there for them, he will not be someone’s toy in prison, that he can look at his children promise them a life without bars. Well that’s what I like in men, I can’t speak for Mr. Meek’s significant other, and obviously her standards are a lot lower as is his 40,000 member fan club!

    As for her being upset with the internet for making memes about her husband, I find this hilarious, freaking hilarious. Her statements are hilarious, “there is a man behind these memes”. No mam’, there are people behind your husband’s crimes! That is what I find upsetting and that is what the justice system will let you see. They allowed you the privilege to have your pretty “boy” husband back home after two years of free accommodations courtesy the “wet panties” of the tax payers, yet he didn’t learn. Even though you and his mother strain to tell us his Love of the Lord. It is funny that you are upset at the memes and not upset that your husband is in a gang, that your husband is a felon, that your husband at any moment could leave your babies orphaned, or you a widow. That at any moment a rival gang could rush into your home and rape and rob you, but maybe you are too hardcore to be upset by that, who am I to “judge”.

    The fact that you are upset by memes and not that your babies daddy walks around with guns in a car that they ride in is a cry and same at the mother that you are and a shame that we as a country, that we need licenses to hunt, to drive, but we let animals make babies to grow up in these environments in a perpetual cycle of hopelessness and despair…. But I am sure as “pretty boy Meeks” gets shipped off a new daddy will take his place and I will fund your food stamps until you get on your feet, while I pay for him for the rest of his pretty accommodations for life.

    You my friend, it’s not too late to make smarter choices for the sake of your children, and allow pretty boy to be beautiful in jail. I’m sure he will do just fine… most boys like him will get taken care of for the long haul.

  • Joy Kaine

    All I see is a big, domed head and sunken cheeks. And this is attractive to some women?