Before artists were parading around in leotards and shaving half the sides of their hair, Kelis was a style icon. The “Jerk Ribs” singer has a boundless creativity and fearless attitude that keeps her style original and interesting. It’s about time the fashion industry caught on, and Grey Ant is leading the pack. The famous sunglasses brand teamed up with the star on a new ad campaign.

Sporting ’60s-inspired teased wigs, nude lipstick, caked eyeliner, Grey Ant glasses and a turtleneck (or her bare shoulders), Kelis is as sultry and confident as she was when she first broke onto the music scene some 16 years ago. She revealed how the collaboration come about to ELLE: “One of my best friends works for Grey Ant, so when she called me, it was basically a no-brainer. You don’t say no to your dearest friend. But I’m so glad I got involved, because when I got to the photo shoot, I saw what they had planned-these incredible wigs, this totally ’60s makeup. It was really cool.” Cool is an understatement. Thoughts on this shoot, Clutchettes?


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  • ALM247

    I had never heard of this company before this post.

    I would not have recognized Kelis if you hadn’t told me that was her.

    I’m a little concerned that they made her racially ambiguous instead of just allowing her to be recognizable.

    She’s a celebrity doing an endorsement. The entire point is to sell more Grey Ant products because Kelis endorses Grey Ant products. By using that huge wig, they could have just hired a generic model.

    I like Kelis, though. Get that legit money, I guess……..*Sigh*

  • Anonin

    Yeah… black and white for a sunglasses ad only works when done right…wig could have been better too