Keyshia Cole is back and bolder than ever. The singer is coming out with a new album, Point of No Return, which marks her first release post-breakup with husband Daniel “Boobie” Gibson. The first song off the record, entitled “She,” is unlike anything we’ve ever heard from the singer. Produced by DJ Mustard, “She” details a sexual experience with a woman, with lyrics like:

“Down to try something different
Lips and legs, soft skin so feminine
Curves like me, covered in my cherry scent

[…] Them boys loves some you
But I aint mad ’cause you look good on me too
She look good to me too.

[…] Oh you do me like I’m your drug
You’re like poison on the tip of my tongue.”

Whether Keyshia’s talking from real life experience or not, the song is sure to get people talking.

Listen to it below.

What do you think of Keyshia’s latest record?

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