Brazilian soccer superstar Neymar has built a name for himself when it comes to his soccer talent. But recently, many people have noticed that he’s evolved into a totally different person physically.

Many have speculated that Neymar has undergone skin lightening, as well as relaxing and lightening his hair, so that he wouldn’t be perceived as black.

Although Neymar, is clearly a person of color, and has two parents who are from Afro-Brazilian lineage, it’s his most recent looks that have people wondering if he’s succumbed to the colorism issues in Brazil.



Since his transition into the blond ambition, Neymar has received more endorsements from various companies in his country. But could any of this have been possible if he looked like the young black boy he used to be?


Probably not.

Brazil is ripe with issues when it comes to colorism and racism, and it’s a shame that Neymar  felt the need to change his looks in order to become more accepted by his own country.

According to africasacountry.com, “It’s too easy to condemn Neymar for pretending to be white: judging by the images, he is partly white. It’s silly to accuse him of denying his mixed-race ancestry, because the simplest search throws up hundreds of images of him as a child, none of which he seems to be ashamed of.”

As to whether had ever been a victim of racism, he said, “Never. Neither inside nor outside the field. Because I’m not black right?”

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