Looks like Halle Berry isn’t the only one in the news for child custody issues. While Ms. Berry was ordered to pay $16,000 a month to her ex—a sum I’m sure she can easily cover—Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta star Stevie J was arrested for failing to pay more than a million dollars in back child support.

According to TMZ, Stevie J’s woes stem from two children he had with ex-girlfriend Carol Antoinette Bennett in 1997 and 1998. After being ordered to pay $6,600 a month in 1999, the amount was raised to $8500. The producer and reality TV star reportedly stopped paying child support all together in 2001, racking up a whopping $1,107,412 bill.

Bennett has been trying to collect the back child support for years, even turning to the organization Project Child Support for help.

Despite the large bill, Stevie J brushed off the Bennett’s child support claims as “rumors” in interviews, but his arrest tells a different story.

TMZ obtained video of Stevie J being taken into custody in Georgia. While he’s expected to make bail, he faces criminal charges in New York.

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  • Mary Burrell

    I’m not surprised at this.

  • Petty Levert

    And somewhere in Atlanta Mimi is cackling while holding up a glass of champagne.

    • Shanae

      Please! She was with him when he wasn’t paying his child support. She’s just as bad, in my opinion.

    • Kai26

      She’s just as bad for what?

    • Shanae

      For being with a man who is not caring for his children. And don’t tell me she did not know because that would just be ridiculous and unintelligent of her – yet Mimi is most likely, neither of those things.

    • Kai26

      I wasn’t going to tell you that.

      I don’t understand how Stevie J not paying his child support has anything to do with Mimi.

      If that were the case, no woman should ever date any man unless she thoroughly investigates his finances.

    • Shanae

      That does not make sense to you? You think you should date a man who has children and you don’t know that he cares for them? Bye Kai.

    • Kai26

      Uh, no. I don’t think any of that. That is what you interpreted based on your own feelings.

      The bottom line is no woman is ‘bad’ for something her husband is or is not doing, something she may not even have a knowledge of.

    • Tanielle

      How would a wife not know that her husband is not paying child support for his previous children. A child he is hiding…maybe but a child he had when they met I would hope she would know.

      And I 100% disagree with you. If you choose to date and/or marry a man with children it is very important to pay close attention to how he financially and emotionally supports his kids. Especially if you want to have children with him. Too many women meet deadbeat dads, listen to their sob story about the mother not letting them see their child and assume that because she is a better woman then the last one he will man up and care for her kids. A woman who enters into a serious relationship with a man that isn’t actively involved with his children is just as bad as him.

    • Kai26

    • Tanielle

      Who cares if they are better fathers to the kids they have with the woman he is currently with? If he is, that is great but her not caring about his others kids well being simply because hers are cared for makes her selfish and just as bad. What does such a woman think will happen when/if that relationship falls apart?

      If she lives with that man, sleeps with him, builds a life with him, and he isn’t supporting his kids she is playing a role in my opinion.

    • Shanae

      Any woman who is with a man and knows he has children but is “unaware” that he does not take care of his children, financially or otherwise, is either an idiot or does not care that this man does not take care of his children.

      The bottom line is any woman in a relationship with a man who has children and does not encourage him to take care of those children and/or does not encourage him to spend quality time with his children, is a loser. She’s just as bad as the man who does not father his own children. That puts her in a bad position because he could be imprisoned or have money snatched from his check without his consent for failure to financially support his children – and if you’re in a relationship with a man and you don’t know his ability to financially support himself because he refuses to pay child support, you must be a fool.

      There’s no going around that Kai26. Looks to me like you’re willing to defend the most ridiculous of behavior in Black women.

    • Trey

      No No No now ladies please don’t do that she has said plenty of times that Stevie is a Dead Beat when it comes to financial support but he does spend time with all of his kids…now for all the ladies who are talking sideways about these women you don’t know….I know damn well you are not going to help your husband or boyfriend pay his child support…I would not want my lady to pay my support…NO MAN HAS TO BE MADE TO TAKE CARE OF HIS CHILD PERIOD.

  • Shanae

    I just cannot believe that your child support payments can get this high. They should have collected his sorry ass $ 1,107,000 ago!