I’m not sure how many readers are fans of Batman and Superman movies, but that’s besides the point. Clutch’s man-crush, Jason Momoa, will be featured in not one, but two upcoming DC Comics franchise movies.

From Indiewire:

“Game Of Thrones” actor Jason Momoa was announced as being involved in the project a while back, and rumors had it that he might be playing villain Doomsday, or “Justice League” member Martian Manhunter (but the latter is, given writer David Goyer’s feelings on him, unlikely to feature in the new films, though a trade reporter says otherwise, see below). But Drew McWeeny at Hitfix insists that Momoa, who’s remained tight-lipped over his role in interviews, will in fact be on the side of the angels in the film, as DC hero Aquaman.

As with most of these characters, there’s a somewhat tortured and convoluted history: DC’s Aquaman is either Arthur Curry, the son of a lighthouse keeper and a woman from the lost city of Atlantis who has the ability to survive underwater and communicate with sea creatures, or Orin, a native Atlantan who was abandoned because he was said to be a curse. The character perhaps is most famous as having been played by Vincent Chase in a long-running plotline on HBO’s “Entourage,” in a movie directed by James Cameron. There’s no word as to what kind of backstory the character will have here, but reportedly Snyder has already finalized the design of the character so he can appear in a cameo in ‘Batman V. Superman.’ And given Momoa’s size, it seems clear they’re adopting the more modern version of Aquaman (see the photo), who’s a buff king from Atlantis skeptical of humans moreso than traditional orange-suit wearing super hero.

Not for nothing, but Momoa hasn’t been in Game of Thrones for years, ironically it was the same time I stopped watching it. But I’m all for Momoa and his fine self making an appearance as Aquaman.


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