Last week, a video surfaced, showing a white woman shouting racist statements at a black man as he recorded the incident on his cell phone.

In the video, a white woman can be seen calling the man a “racist n*gger” multiple times, while her children looked on. The video went viral after it was posted on Reddit.

Last week,  Narvell Benning, spoke to  a local radio station to say it is important to remain calm in such a situation.

“It’s only an ignorant individual using that term, so they don’t even know what that term means,” Benning told radio station WBLK. “They think that they can use it freely to demean you, but in actuality they have no idea where the word even came from.”

“It wasn’t shocking to me,” Benning added. “I’ve dealt with this all throughout life… But it was always more passing by, ‘Oh you nigger’ in the car driving by. It was never confrontational as how she displayed it, especially in front of her kids.”

The radio host, Brian James,  commended for keeping his composure throughout the incident.

“I see you as a hero in a heroic situation because 95 percent of men would have reacted totally different,” James said. “If you were to blow it up like that, there’s no telling where you’d be right now.”

But Benning said reacting to the woman would have only resulted in more grief for him and his family.

“Of course, I would be in jail,” Benning said. “I had to look it at my aggravation and ask, ‘Wait, who would be there to look after my kids?'”

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