Last week, a video surfaced, showing a white woman shouting racist statements at a black man as he recorded the incident on his cell phone.

In the video, a white woman can be seen calling the man a “racist n*gger” multiple times, while her children looked on. The video went viral after it was posted on Reddit.

Last week,  Narvell Benning, spoke to  a local radio station to say it is important to remain calm in such a situation.

“It’s only an ignorant individual using that term, so they don’t even know what that term means,” Benning told radio station WBLK. “They think that they can use it freely to demean you, but in actuality they have no idea where the word even came from.”

“It wasn’t shocking to me,” Benning added. “I’ve dealt with this all throughout life… But it was always more passing by, ‘Oh you nigger’ in the car driving by. It was never confrontational as how she displayed it, especially in front of her kids.”

The radio host, Brian James,  commended for keeping his composure throughout the incident.

“I see you as a hero in a heroic situation because 95 percent of men would have reacted totally different,” James said. “If you were to blow it up like that, there’s no telling where you’d be right now.”

But Benning said reacting to the woman would have only resulted in more grief for him and his family.

“Of course, I would be in jail,” Benning said. “I had to look it at my aggravation and ask, ‘Wait, who would be there to look after my kids?'”

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  • Although I am glad that he handled the situation the way he did, I doubt if much of anything is going to change from it. Typically, when one White Person acts out in this fashion, that person is considered an individual and not a reflection on other White People. However, if it is a Black Person, especially a Black Woman, if is frankly the opposite. However, what is telling, is the fact that this woman is already using her Bipolar disorder to explain away her behavior. On the radio show, she also didn’t see any issue in using the N word. When you consider the fact that a Black Person cannot even walk into a store without being presumed to be a shoplifter, while this Woman was blatant in disturbing the peace, it goes to show that much hasn’t changed.

  • Anthony

    I think any black person, especially a black man facing a white woman, with a job and family who wants to be free to pay bills would keep calm. At most, I would have cursed her back and kept moving because if the police come, even black police, they will take her side, and a black person will go to jail.

    Back in the 1980s, I was on the train in Chicago, and an older black women was jostled by young whites and the older black woman fussed at them. A young black woman officer came and refused to let the black woman talk while asking the young woman repeatedly if she was alright and wanted to make a complaint. I wanted so badly to say that it was the white woman who started the confrontation, but I could imagine that sister slapping the cuffs on me, so I punked out. My point in repeating the story, is that at any time, our second class status can pop up and remind us just how unfair this country is.

    • Brad

      I don’t know Anthony in your situation sometimes it is better to speak out than to spend the rest of your life wishing you had…

    • Anthony

      Brad, I am now in my mid fifties, and have never been cuffed, I’d just as soon keep it that way, but I know what you are saying.

    • Brad

      I hear ya and even as respectable as we are and as respectable as we look and act. We can still be looked at and taken as a threat.

    • Objection

      Wait! You have never been arrested! Anthony, you must be the luckiest African-American man alive. Good for you man. I’ve been arrested twice. Searched five times.

    • Anthony

      I grew up in an environment where I could avoid being arrested if I were halfway decent. If I had been raised somewhere else, my experience might not have been so good.

      No, I don’t think any sister past 12 has avoided harassment. My 12 year was grabbed for the first time getting off the bus at the end of the school year.

    • Objection

      You must look very non-threatening. The police had me on the side of the road with the drug dogs because I was driving five miles over the speed limit. They searched my car, the trunk, and my suitcase. After the search, the officer came up to me and said, “OK, where are the drugs?” I used my Jedi Knight skills to get out of that situation. I haven’t always been so lucky. I was arrested because the computer said my truck driver’s license was suspended. I never had a truck driver’s license, and I was driving a small Toyota. Like always, the case was thrown out. The key is to stay calm and don’t move your hands. If you move, you’re probably dead.

      My wife is seven months pregnant, and she was sexually harassed during lunch a month ago. Some guy comes up to her and starts dirty dancing saying, “oh baby.” Keep in mind she was with her coworkers. It’s crazy out here.

    • Anthony

      I’ve got a middle aged gut now, but in my prime, I was 6″ 280 lbs. with a 56″ chest from weightlifting. I used to be mistaken for the nose guard at SEC school I attended. I just lived clean and had my papers in order. There have been times I could have been arrested, but I guess I have benefitted from being both good and lucky. I also stay far away from shady people.

    • Ada Niemand

      This is good advice for anyone. That old saying of your grandmothers’ was true: you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas. Obey the law, don’t keep low company, and your chances of a good life vastly improve.

    • Sassymama

      In IMO, when you’re in the company of whites stay on guard and never fully trust them.

    • Anonin

      Well physically no, not that I can think of.

  • Stacy L.

    If it were possible, I probably would have remained anonymous and let the video speak for itself. I hope he is prepared for the possibility that people may start looking into his past trying to dig up dirt.

    • Mr. Z

      You beat me to the punch line; but also, they might just start looking for him.

    • Stacy L.

      Yep, that’s very possible, too.

    • Good point.

  • Mary Burrell

    Her ignorant words say more about who she is.