The artist formerly known as Amerie is now back from a hiatus that started in 2009.  The 34-year-old released a new single  called “What I Want”, which seems to be a spin-off of “1 Thing” . The song features a sample of  Sugarhill Gang’s “Apache (Jump On It)”, which doesn’t allow me to get Carlton Banks out of my head as I was listening.

Although a video was released for the song, it’s only a featuring the lyrics. Take a listen to it below, and let us know if you’re going to pass or play!

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  • Valerie

    Since Crazy In Love came out in ’03 she’s been on this kick. I miss the All I have Amerie. That cd is still in rotation.

  • Lisa

    …It’s pretty annoying

  • paige


  • Candigirl1968

    The sample is from the original song – Incredible Bongo Band’s Apache, which Sugarhill Gang also sampled. The song is just ok. Seems like she’s trying to capture the magic of One Thing.

    The real video probably will not be this one, as the warning about is real (I got nauseous in the middle and had to look away). I can’t see a video music station playing a seizure inducing video.

  • Delia

    After I heard about her nose job, I have been turned off since. Those before and after pics are really convincing….