According to a new survey of 5,481 singles by Match.com, 48 percent of women research a guy before the first date.  Tech savvy people everywhere are now “pre-dating” their dates, by scouring the internet for any information they can find on them.  From Google, to Facebook, to LinkedIn, the practice of pre-dating is turning everyone into internet sleuths.

Sussing out a date beforehand could weed out some rotten apples. But there are those who think that Google’ing a person you’re going out on a date with is passe.

The Guardian recently asked readers whether “stalking a crush online” was faux pas, 24 percent voted that it was.  Apparently the less you know about a person before you date them, the better. It’s like a version of abstinence. I swear to abstain from Google’ing the men I may date.

Sike, nah.

Sorry, ain’t happening.

I mean, what happens after you Google the person, and the results aren’t too appetizing? Do you let them know that you’ve been snooping around their online footprint? Or do you just cut it off cold turkey? Out of sight, out of mind?

 Clutchettes, do you Google a person before you go out with them? What do you do when you don’t find information online about them?

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  • ronnieTX


  • shybookworm

    Yup, I Google my dates EACH & EVERY TIME. These himbo’s ain’t loyal, lol. There are too many guys running around with criminal records or multiple girlfriends or wives, so I figure why waste the time and money in getting to know someone without doing an online investigation first? Is it romantic? Well, no, but it sure beats being potentially harmed by some loon who has a long rap sheet or has questionable hobbies or morals.

  • Kat Vieux

    I most certainly do. In Illinois there is a website called “Check Illinois” and it shows everything from marriage and divorce records to evictions, DUI’s, felonies etc..,.

  • vintage3000

    Yup. I googled a guy and received info about his college football days which made me happy. Which quickly turned to dismay when i scrolled down and saw his TWO mugshots for sexual assault arrests. That mess floored me, because he did not fit the image of a predator at all. Charming, respectful, courteous and very handsome— any intelligent woman knows a perv can be these things but you don’t think you will ever be involved with one.