What seems like a simple Target advertisement has opened up into a conversation online about white feminists vs black feminists. Truth be told, both groups have their own issues to deal with, but it seems as though intersectionality is something a lot of white feminists don’t believe in.

Many black and other women of color feminists feel that white feminists don’t want to hear the negative aspects of how they treat women of color. And some feel that these white feminists will try to do anything to deter the conversation that includes valid points from black feminists.

In my own experience, as someone who refuses to adhere to any labels, it’s exhausting reading both sides.  Feminism shouldn’t be used to divide women along the colorlines. But since the rise of social media, it’s pretty much done a great job of doing so.

Clutchettes, what do you think are the biggest issues facing white feminists and black feminists? 


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