Online dating isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s also not for those who are scared of being catfished. It seems as though every couple of years a new online dating app or website comes about, and currently Tinder is the big thing in dating.

Although Tinder has been around for almost two years, it’s been gaining momentum recently because of its success stories. Where most people typically see the app as a hook-up app, others have had success in the area of long term dating and even marriages.

The appeal of the app has to be with its simplicity. You connect it to your Facebook page, you swipe right if you like someone’s face, you swipe left if you don’t. If there’s a mutual like, then you’re allowed to communicate with the other person.  There isn’t a bunch of questionnaires to fill out and you can’t use the app unless you have a Facebook page. Now with security and privacy, no one on your Facebook page will know you use it. That is unless you happen to have mutual friends with a someone on Tinder and they go and be nosy and find you on the mutual friend’s page.

In the realm of ease, when it comes to online dating, it can’t get any easier than Tinder. As with everything, it’s also a weeding out process. If you’re not DTF (down to f*ck), it’ll be in your best interest to state that from the get-go, because there are plenty of men and women who are only on there for that sole purpose. But there are also those who are looking for long term relationships. Also, as with any type of dating, make sure you screen carefully, because there are crazies every where.


Clutchettes, have you used Tinder?

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