Pastor Jamal Bryant isn’t backing down from the uproar caused by his recent sermon titled “I’m My Enemies Worst Nightmare.” In the middle of the 30-minute speech, Bryant dropped a Chris Brown lyric, telling parishioners “These hoes ain’t loyal.” A clip of the sermon immediately went viral, kicking off a fierce debate about whether or not it was appropriate for the pastor to use such language from the pulpit.

Bryant has taken to social media and the radio to discuss the now-infamous sermon and defend his words. And if folks were expecting an apology, or wondered if he’d back away from his words, they were wrong.

Bryant told James Fortune of “The James Fortune Show” (via mzshyneka.com):

“If my message is too raw and too edgy, then I’m sure you can find something that is more to your liking and to your liking and discernment,” the Baltimore pastor said. “I pastor incredible women, none of whom are hoes. I am the father of daughters, none of whom I want to see raised as hoes. My mother is an incredible mother who’s not a hoe. My sister is an incredible woman who is not a hoe. So I think we’ve got to stop internalizing self-hate.”

While Bryant argued his sermon was aimed at empowering and uplifting his parishioners, invoking an ultra-misogynist and problematic song like “Loyal” seems like the wrong way to achieve that goal.

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  • Mary Burrell

    I guess he is trying to communicate with the young hip-hop crowd in his congregation. In my opinion it’s still an epic fail. He doesn’t need to bring offensive gutter talk in the sanctuary. He need to elevate, not go down to the lowest common denominator.

    • Exactly.

      If he was talking about imperialism, economic justice, wanting a more cooperative community, or the evils found in the War on Drugs excluding the immature language, then he would be on to something.

    • lovechild

      Yes, this! All he is doing is justifying the destructive mind sets of some of these people.

  • ALM247

    “If my message is too raw and too edgy, then I’m sure you can find something that is more to your liking and to your liking and discernment,”

    Translation: He has enough people in his congregation lining his pockets, so he doesn’t need anyone else’s approval.

    Let that tithe money dry up, and I bet he’ll issue a fake apology.

    Also, what’s his bar for calling someone that? He has determined that no one in his immediate family falls in that category, so who does fall into that category?

  • Shanae

    Jamal Bryant is an “ex”-thug, adulterer, pimping preacher. His messages are indicative of the culture of Baltimore City and that speaks volumes because Baltimore City is just about as destitute and depressing a city you can find! Jamal Bryant is one of the hoes he was discussing in the pulpit, his pimp is the almighty dollar – for which he will do just about anything. And that proves that Chris Brown is absolutely correct – these hoes ain’t loyal.

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  • ♎Lauren♎

    I caaannn’tttt!!! Delusional booootttsss!!! Forget the lyric! The sermon was just down right TURBLE! He didn’t even preach the text. Please sit down. Matter fact go pray and see if God was really please with that mess. (I’m sure he isn’t). #Icanttakeyouseriouslysir