On Monday, Rihanna flaunted her nipples in a stunning see-through, Swarovski crystal-covered Adam Selman gown with a matching headscarf and a pink stole. By Tuesday, Peter Griffin from the Family Guy stole her look.

But RiRi has a sense of humor and wasn’t the least bit offended. In response, she tweeted a side-by-side pic with the caption, “He gets it!”

The CFDA fashion icon also changed her Twitter avatar to reflect Peter.

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  • Mary Burrell


  • bluelight74

    This is interesting, a young black lady who adores Rhianna imitates her look to go to a dance and Rhianna clowns and embarrasses her on twitter. These people that run the family guy do it in a negative way and she praises them.

    • BabyBlue

      Rihanna doesn’t know her left from her right. She’s the same person who called Bantu knots ghetto.

    • ALM247

      Blue light, I was about to type the same thing.

    • Blaqgod

      If you can’t laugh at yourself then you’re a complete bore. Family Guy is all about comedy. Lighten up

    • cindimayweatherz

      Or could it be possible that she just showed a sense of humor?

  • did y’all see this though after TLC had something to say about her? LOL!

  • G

    Soo let me get this right . . . she attacks a teenage fan . . . but applauds this?

    Riri is a mean spirited fraud!