Robin Thicke is doing whatever he can do to get Paula Patton back.  In his newest video “Get Her Back”, Thicke is laying it on thick (see what I did there?).  After Patton removed herself from his embarrassingly public displays of affection for other women, Thicke has pretty much made it his life’s focus to prove that he’s lost without her.

But at what point does one give up, if the other party isn’t receptive?

Clutchettes, have you ever cheated and begged for forgiveness? Or have you had someone beg for you to take them back? 

sidenote: God, I hate his buzz-cut. 

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  • vintage3000

    So he is begging his wife for reconciliation with a video that features nude shots of a model caressing his chest. Yes, that should make Paula go running back to you Thicke.

  • Abiba

    I am wondering what is the meaning behind the whole “blood” thing? Anyway, that was beyond painful to watch, and I can’t even imagine what he was thinking when he wrote this awful song and then decided to add insult to injury and release a video.

  • Tonididitonem

    This dude so damn lame it makes no sense. Next!!!

  • Mary Burrell

    Well he should have thought about this before he and Miley Cyrus’s disgusting performance.

  • Mary Burrell

    I used to like Robin Thicke but he has shown him self to be a tool and a douche.