I’m not sure why people are still turning to Pat Robertson for advice, but recently the TV evangelist gave one of his young viewers a dangerous recommendation.

A child wrote into Robertson’s 700 Club to ask what he should do about his dad threatening his mother with a gun.

“Whenever my parents fight, my dad threatens my mom with his gun. Fortunately, this now means nothing to my mom, and she never goes nuts about it; she is very calm. But as a child, I get nervous and worried when this happens. Even my younger brother saw this incident. What should we do about it and him?”

Instead of telling the child to call the police or reach out to another adult for help, Robertson told the young viewer to have his mom confront his dad about his scary behavior.

Robertson told the viewers, “You don’t want to get your father busted… but you could.” Instead he suggested the child speak to his mother. “Say, ‘Mom, this thing is scaring me and I ask you, please, to get my father to have some help.'”

Robertson continued: “One day he’s gonna pull the trigger. It doesn’t take too much if you’ve got a loaded weapon and you’re brandishing it around, ‘I’m gonna kill you,’ and the next thing you know the thing goes off. Maybe accidentally, but the mother will wind up dead,” he said. “You need to do something to intervene but you’re a kid, what do you do, y’know? Your mother ought to take care of that.”

Robertson acknowledged the situation could easily turn violent and deadly, but his advice to put the onus on the abused party (the mom) to confront her abuser, who has already brandished a gun, is not only misguided, it’s also dangerous.

According to SafeHorizon, 1 in 4 women will experience of domestic violence in her lifetime, while 1 in 3 women who is a victim of homicide is murdered by her current or former partner. What makes Robertson’s words even more hazardous is a recent study, which found “more than twice as many women are killed with a gun used by their husbands or intimate acquaintances than are murdered by strangers using guns, knives, or any other means.”

With so many women losing their lives to intimate partner violence, it’s disheartening Robertson would give this viewer, and others watching, such misguided and irresponsible advice.

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  • noirluv45

    I think we have to acknowledge that PR is a bit senile, and really should retire. His advice is not only dangerous, but if, God forbid, the mother ends up shot or dead, the child will feel guilty.

    Don’t Pat realize that the mother has probably don’t all she can to keep her husband from abusing her? I cannot believe he’s putting the blame on the mother’s head and not the abusers.

    I hope this boy reaches out to a sane adult who can offer the property advice How sad.

    Pat really needs to have several seats, and just shut up!

  • Me

    and THIS ladies & gentlemen is how women (and men) end up staying with their abusers. threatening your life is nothing to give second chances over. i hope that kid has other mentors in his life with more sense. & i hope mom gets help for her dangerous situation. at the very least i hope somebody working at that show saw the letter, the address, & the parents names so she or he could anonymously alert cps during the commercial break.

  • lil ray

    Robertson/700Club = The Devil and his Network

  • Mary Burrell

    Rat Robertson needs to sit his senile self down in several seats. Go take a nap old man.

  • Chelley

    Why does this pos still have a show?!?