Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.05.47 AMIf you’re looking for a hormone-free, more natural form of birth control, then you might want to consider the NaturalCycles fertility app as an option. (I swear there’s an app for everything.)

The only thing is you need to know what you’re doing or you’ll end up giving birth instead.

The app requires two bits of data: your basal temperature and the results from an ovulation test before it can accurately tell you when it’s safe to have sex.

The basal temperature can be tricky if you don’t record it as soon as you open your eyes in the morning or if you’ve had a few cocktails the night before. (Drinking skews the results.) Also, you kinda already need to know when you’re ovulating so you know when to take the ovulation test.

Oh, and then there’s the $60 annual cost to use the app.

But remember, it’s 100 percent natural and 99.9 percent proven (sounds like a paternity test) to work if you input the right information.

Just keep in mind, NaturalCycles only prevents pregnancy; it doesn’t protect against STIs.

Read more about how NaturalCycles works here.

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  • Me

    i know the same info just by using a calendar… start counting from the 1st day of your period & then day 7-14 are risky. that ain’t gonna stop me from requiring a condom tho.

  • Mary Burrell

    There’s an app for everything, the wonders of modern technology.

  • The app represents the sign of the times. Regardless, a pregnant human being has the right to utilize all legitimate precautions.

    • clarke 2.0

      If the “human being”, WOMAN, is pregnant she OBVIOUSLY didn’t use any precautions. Legitimate or otherwise. OR THEY DIDN’T WORK. LOL. You keep me laughing toothseeker. ; D

  • bamboo_princess

    I know they say you have to be super accurate with basal temp and take it at the same time every day but I havent found that to be necessary. I take my temp right when I wake up (whenever that is) and my basal peak is high enough to notice regardless. That $7 thermometer was the greatest sexual investment I made next to condoms.