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We are in love with Charly and Margaux, also known as Chargaux. With the violin and the viola, Chargaux continues to burn up the streets and galleries of NYC with their style and massive talent. Offering the perfect mix of classical music and jazz/R&B — Chargaux has been playing music together for over three years and recently released their first EP entitled “Broke and Baroque.

“We met in Boston,” Margaux tells the Huffington Post. “I used to work this corporate job and I was on my lunch break and right by Bank of America, I saw this girl playing the violin with cool hair and dope clothing and I said, ‘Hey, I play viola’. I said we should jam sometime. I meant to send a text message to my mom after saying I met this really cool girl, but I accidentally sent it to her. And she wasn’t creeped out by it. The next day, we played together on the same corner that I saw her. People started taking pictures, videos, and started asking if we had an album out. It was totally by chance.”

Scroll through for fashion and beauty inspiration from the electric duo!

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