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A 16-year-old girl has created a storm of allegations against basketball player Dwight Howard. Known as “Debbie” the young girl alleges that she plans to  “finnnnna fuck his life up”. The teen posted a screenshot of an alleged conversation between the two. 


The girl also alleged that Howard has flown both her and a friend to visit him plenty of times and posted photos of Howard in a hotel with her and a friend:


Since making the allegations, the girl has deleted her Twitter account and Howard, of course, has not made any comments about the incident.



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  • Matt O’Brien

    I feel like people are making much bigger of a deal than this really is. If she’s graduating highschool, then she’s either 18 or 17 years old. Both ages are legal to consent to sex in most states.

  • Nino Ortiz

    These young girls are dying for older dudes now lol. Just drop the consent to 16 its not a big deal anyhow.