Noel Estevez (left), 14, is accused of stabbing fellow student and alleged bully Timothy Crump (right), 14, on Wednesday.

A teenage boy fatally stabbed a classmate after school Wednesday in The Bronx, authorities said.  Timothy Crump, 14, sustained several stomach wounds in the attack by Noel Estevez, who was wielding a kitchen knife, police said. Friends said Noel, also 14, had been relentlessly bullied by Timothy, despite the fact that they were Facebook “friends.”

The attack took place outside IS 117 on Morris Avenue at about 3 p.m.

Timothy went into cardiac arrest and was pronounced dead at Bronx Lebanon Hospital. “The detectives came for his mother,” Timothy’s friend Tyrone Rivers said outside the victim’s apartment.

“I could hear her crying. She kept saying, ‘They killed my son! They killed my son!’ ”

Noelwas charged as an adult with murder.  Cops quickly nabbed him and recovered a knife at the scene, sources said.

Authorities said Timothy had waited outside the school to confront Noel.  Noel “came out of school and Timothy just cracked him in the head and then kneed his face,” said Saibo Sillah, who knew both boys. “Then Noel stabbed Timothy.’’  “He was getting bullied,” Sillah said of the alleged killer.

“Timothy fights a lot.”

Another student who witnessed the encounter said, “Timothy kept fighting but then he was bleeding too much and he fell and had a seizure.”

A neighbor said Noel had been tormented by the victim.

“They come to his building screaming up at his window, ‘We’re going to catch you,’ ” said neighbor Stephany Arroyo. “Every day, they come.”

A family friend, Marisol Perez, said Noel was struggling with mental-health issues and had talked about committing suicide.  She said his father found him with a rope around his neck two weeks ago.

“He was going through a lot of depression,’’ she said. “Noel was bullied in school. He wouldn’t leave his house for three months.

“Yesterday was his first day back.



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