Actress Thandie Newton is criticizing Boots for its lack of make-up suitable for black women. Newton spoke out at an event last week about the lack of beauty products available for darker skinned women.

Newton claimed the popular UK brand typically stocks the darker make-up shades only during a launch of a new product, but replaces them with lighter shades.

“If the make-up was in there longer, the girls would go and get it and then the stores would get more, and they’d realise that everybody wants it, and then they would stock it,” she told the Mail Online.

“There’s this ghettoisation of make-up right now. The right shade is there for everybody but you can only get it at specialised shops.

“So you don’t go to Boots. As a result we are all being physically separated when we go and buy make-up,” she said.

“We’re starting to think they don’t want us there and it’s not that, it’s just that six-month time lapse where the shops are waiting to be able to say it’s not selling so let’s stop stocking it. We’ve got to encourage them.”

Newton also criticized the advertising companies for not using more pictures of black models in the stores.

“I’ll go into Boots at Heathrow Airport if I’ve forgotten my make-up bag or something and there isn’t even a picture of a black woman. I hate that,” she sighed.

A spokesperson for Boots commented that the brand feels “disappointed” by the comments.

“It is disappointing when we hear our customers feel we can’t meet their beauty needs, as many of the beauty brands available in store and [online] offer a range of products for black skin,” they said.

Ironically, Newton is a spokesperson for Oil of Olay, a company that does not carry many options when it comes to make-up for darker skinned women.

Editor’s note: The article was cut off, and has been changed to reflect the missing sentence. And yes, Oil of Olay sells make-up as well, not just skin care products. 

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  • Shahidah Nunez

    Speciality stores might be a little inconvenient to shop when constantly traveling. If that is the only type of store darker shades of makeup are carried and actually in stock it can be a huge problem. I’ve found myself running from store to store to find a certain shade. I went through this recently and had to settle for something else, or wait a few extra days for an online purchase. I’m glad she spoke up, because it’s something most cosmetic stores could benefit from hearing.

  • Jame

    I’ve got like 3 shades that work in any store/any brand. I’d love more options.