Screen Shot 2014-06-11 at 8.04.40 AMI stopped watching Mary, Mary shortly after Tina Campbell’s husband, Teddy, admitted to more than one affair. I thought, “Ahh hell, he surely messed up this time.” Campbell had forgiven him for one indiscretion – and publicly discussed it – in Ebony and on the Today show, but it was unclear if the couple could make it through Teddy’s subsequent revelation.

Somehow they did.

Tina sat down with S2S Magazine and talks about how she and her husband have moved forward. She says:

“All of my trust has come back. I love my husband more than I ever did. I am deeply in love with him. I was just talking to my brother-in-law last night because a lot of my family is even amazed with it. I don’t check on my husband. I don’t check his e-mails. First of all, I’m not that chick. I think too much of myself to be a detective behind some man. And if I’m going to trust you and give you a chance, I’m going to give you a real chance and a real chance is not holding your hand and micromanaging.

Everything I ask my husband, everything I’ve required of my husband through this process, every single thing, he did it. Whatever I asked him, whatever I wanted, whatever I needed… I know every explicit detail of every single thing with every single affair. Every woman can’t handle that, but for me and the stage that I’m gonna be at in my life, I needed to know.”

Once again, Tina amazes me. I’m not that chick who plays “I Spy,” either, but I’m not so sure I’d be comfortable in a relationship that went through several bouts of infidelity.

But you tell us, Clutchettes and Gents. Do you think it’s possible for trust to completely return after multiple affairs?

And read Tina’s entire interview in the June/July issue of S2S.

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  • binks

    Personally, no. Cheating is a pet peeve of mines anyway so I don’t tolerate it and he will not only be out of my bed but out my door and life. Furthermore, it was MULTIPLE affairs (I can almost…ALMOST see if it was a one time affair but multiples…dude was just reckless and careless not only towards himself but his wife and family). I am very much a “once bitten twice shy” type of girl. So even by some miracle I forgive you I would never trust the person in the same way and capacity I did before or put 100% of my faith in the person. I do think a few people can changes their ways but I don’t think that is majority of the people though…shrugs. Furthermore, he needs to change his ways for HIM. I think this dude is straight up trifling but if she forgives him…that is on her. I hope this situation works for her and their family.

  • William Norris

    It depends on what is involved in terms of AVAILABLE CHOICES. Humans do what they have to do depending on the options available and the environment in which those options are to be put into effect.

    Trust has very little to do with the choice she has made in this situation. A convenient claim sure but not an honest one.