First of all, I don’t ever recall seeing Rihanna walk out of the house butt-naked. Do any of you? Ok, now that we’ve answered that question. The remaining members of TLC, who should also be renamed TC, came for Rihanna during an interview with an Australian tv show.

The duo is currently on tour in Sydney, but it didn’t stop them for dropping shade on Rihanna.

In an interview with Channel 7’s Sunrise in Australia, before their Sydney performance, T-Boz said, “Every time I see you you don’t have to be naked. It’s hard for us to say anything because any time we do, they say, ‘Oh TLC must be jealous,’ but I call a spade a spade.”

“We became the biggest selling girl group of all time with our clothes on and that says a lot,” added Chilli. “We could go around too with booby cakes out all day long.”

Booby cakes? Are we in elementary school?

In any event, Rihanna, who is infamous for clapping back at her detractors, had this to say:

Oh, Rih-Rih, I heart you!

Sometimes biddies need a reminder.

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  • God is My Mojo

    The beans taste salty to TLC and they need to fall back with their self-righteousness. Their time has come and gone and every body has their own lane. I’m glad Rhi Rhi chin checked them. And the last time I checked embittered egos never admit when they’re jealous and envious that attention is no longer on them. TBoyz and Chili both need a girl sit with that petty minded girl on girl crime.

    • ALM247

      But Rihanna is the MASTER of girl on girl hate. She stays into it with people, whether it’s Ciara, random fans, etc. At what point does her behavior catch up with her?

  • Secret87

    When left eye wore the condon over her eye it was for awareness for safe sex. And songs like waterfall were created. Ri Ri as some like to call it. Is mean, slutty, and mouthy. Her tits are not even covered. Many famous people at least have their tits covered. You can see the color of her nips and everything through that see through blanket.
    She has a few good songs…very few…and all her songs she repeats herself. Eh eh, eh, eh….whats my name…whats my name….I mean she was suppose to be short lived, but thanks to former man punching her in the face people felt sorry for her and she got to stay famous. Like Tyler swift and Mr. West taking the mic all of a sudden she was winning many awards as pity gifts she never deserved.

    I hope she goes away soon. I hate seeing people of my age group behave this way. And TLC not TC will always be better then Ri and her large head.

    • ALM247

      You give me hope for the future!

  • The Good Ship Jesus

    “Wow! That Rihanna sure can sing!!” ~said no one. Ever.

    Can’t sing.
    Can’t dance.
    Is not very bright.
    Is attracted to abusive males.

    And, again: SHE CAN’T SING!!!

    Why is she even famous?

    • ALM247

      “Why is she even famous?”

      Your comment is hilarious. She has Jay-z and a team that can spin anything she does into something positive. There are a lot of people in the music industry now who are mediocre singers.