Aaliyah’s Cousin Wants Zoe Saldana To Play Her


Aaliyah’s family is not too thrilled about her upcoming Lifetime biopic. They’ve taken issue with everything from the content, which will include her relationship with R. Kelly, to the casting. They’ve made their grievances known in the media and even hired lawyers to block the film’s release. Now, they’re campaigning for their choice of actors to star in the film.

In an interview with V-103, Aaliyah’s cousin and president of her label, Blackground Records, Jomo Hankerson revealed that his vote is for Zoe Saldana to play Aaliyah instead of Zendaya Coleman. He said:

“This Lifetime thing came out of the blue. We saw it when the press release was released when everybody else did. My one problem with what Lifetime is doing musically, is that they’re actually having the young lady recut Aaliyah’s vocals. Aaliyah went through a similar situation after the R. Kelly thing so I hate to see a young woman go through the kind of backlash she’s getting. She’s [Zendaya] trying to get a job. It’s not her. Our problem is with Lifetime and the way they did the project, and again, like I said, the platform. I just think this needs theaters. This needs to be a major movie film. I would love to get Zoe Saldana [to play Aaliyah]. I think she can pull off the acting part of it and she’s obviously gorgeous and beautiful.”

What do you think about his choice?

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  • Von

    The white hip-hop artists can’t help it if there is a positive message to their music as compared to day’s so called black hip-hop artists. Todays hip-hop artists have evolved into garbage. Garbage that denigrates black women, promotes the murder of black men, call each other niggers, promotes materialism and promotes the love of criminal behavior behind wack beats.
    And as far as women hip-hop artists go, there is none or at least any that are just as good as the ones of the past. The latest promotion, Iggy Azalea is one that I place right in that pile of garbage amongst the same hip-hop artists who are promoting her. She is just hype ad I don’t support hype. It is what it is and Azalia Banks, Nicki Minaj and the other few who are attempting to break out, just aren’t that good like the one’s before them.