Screen Shot 2014-06-03 at 12.18.02 PMA man is wanted after stabbing a six-year-old little boy to death and critically wounding a seven-year-old little girl on an elevator at the Brooklyn complex where they lived on Sunday. Described as best friends since toddlers, Prince Joshua Avitto (P.J.) and Mikayla Capers were headed to get Icees.

Sophia Diaz, who lives in an apartment near P.J.’s family, says she was inside when she heard someone calling her, saying that Mikayla had been stabbed. She rushed outside, saw Mikayla, and then heard screams that P.J. had been stabbed, also.

“’Did P.J. Die?’” she says Mikayla asked Diaz’s sister in the ambulance. “Why did this man hurt me?’”

Mikayla was reportedly stabbed in the chest and on the hand while P.J. was stabbed in the neck.

Neighbor Kevin Velez says he saw P.J.’s mother run after the ambulance and bang on the door, but the EMTs wouldn’t let her on. Diaz drove her to the hospital, where P.J. was pronounced dead.

“That mother lost a child, but we all lost a child,” says Clara Woods, VP of the Boulevard Houses Tenant Association where the stabbing occurred. “This is a happy little boy. This is a pleasant little girl. They were going to get an Icee on a nice warm day.”

P.J. would’ve turned seven on June 17.

Police officials have recovered a Dura Edge knife and are considering the possibility the assailant may be responsible for the fatal stabbing of 18-year-old Tanaya Copeland just blocks away on Friday.

The suspect is described as a heavyset black male, approximately six feet tall between the ages of 25 and 35. He was last seen wearing a gray shirt.

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  • Dasia

    Wow, this happened near my mom’s old job. I wonder if she knew them. But, this is so sad, I hope they catch that SOB.

  • Anthony

    I think this happened last Friday. I read in the NYT that the people in that area want many more cameras so criminals won’t be able to get away so easily. I also understand he left the knife. Hopefully the police have found fingerprints and DNA on that knife.

  • Ask_Me

    This is sickening. I can’t stand people who mess with children. This man ended a child’s life. I hope they find the bastard and give him a piece of what he gave these children.

  • Mary Burrell

    This is just heartbreaking, I hurt for the mothers, and i hurt for the babies. I hope they catch this animal who hurt these babies.

  • Ms. Vee

    Wow! All I can hope is that this sick bastard is found and burned at a stake. Yeah I said it.