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  • Me

    um. she coulda done better. let me help her out:
    1) deep v tee shirts… i don’t like cleavage on dudes… even if it’s the kind you get from working out nothing but your chest at the gym. don’t let that v slip past your collar bone. don’t do it
    2) sagging skinny jeans… straight face. mean mug. kill the trend. immediately.
    3) high water nut huggin pants with those stupid socks…
    4) a million & one layers on & every single piece is baggy
    5) do not trade in number 1 for muscle shirts b/c every time i see a top heavy dude in them, i just wanna prick them with a sewing needle to see if they’ll pop like a balloon

  • E.P. Jones

    The phenomenon of sagging pants. No one likes to see your boxers. Get a belt and keep your pants at your waist .