unknown.jpeg.CROP.rtstoryvar-mediumA Pensacola bus driver has been charged with child cruelty after security cameras show her smacking a nine-year-old with the back of her hand.

The child – who has a learning disability and is deaf in one ear and wears a hearing aid in the other – repeatedly asks the 56-year-old driver, Pamely Hardy, for permission to use the restroom while awaiting departure from the school. On the video, Hardy is heard mocking him with crying sounds and saying if he would “shut his mouth, it would relieve the pressure.” She also tells him he should “quit whining like a child” and if he got off the bus, he wasn’t getting back on.

Later in the video the child is play fighting his brother when Hardy intervenes, saying “Quit fighting on the bus” and “You children are plumb ignorant.” The nine-year-old gestures in Hardy’s face, and that’s when she slaps him.

The student’s mother, Timisha Cotton, filed charges against Hardy after she viewed the video.

There’s also footage of Hardy taunting the student several weeks leading up to the altercation.

Escambia County School Superintendent Malcolm Thomas says the incident is currently under investigation, and he declined further comment.

“Until all of the facts are presented and we’ve reviewed them all, I will refrain from making any judgments,” he says.

Thomas expects the school district to complete its investigation before school resumes in the fall; he appears to be leaning towards termination.

“My number one priority is protecting the safety of our students,” he says.

Read more at the Pensacola News Journal.

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  • mariah asphalt

    Clearly the boy has some development and social issues. However, the bus driver is supposed to be the adult and should know and be able to effectively deal with the issues children with those type of conditions present. She instigated and continued this confrontation with a 9-year old boy. I am glad she was arrested and hope she has to pay dearly for her actions. She is lucky. I would have whipped her a$$. But, then, that is the south.

  • Anonin

    She looks miserable too, its always the ones who shouldn’t be touching others kids. She’s lucky it was handled the legal way.

  • Mary Burrell

    She didn’t need to be around children. She just didn’t need that job.

  • Mary Burrell

    She needs her ass whupped.

  • The Florida bus driver is a disgrace. She is a grown adult. She can easily use alternatives in handling the situation. She violated the law and school policy. She ought to be punished justly for her reckless behavior.