Ask any high school boy to define feminism, and you may get a blank stare – unless he’s a student at LREI.

A group of male students from the private NYC high school recently took a feminism course and made a video discussing how and why they identify as feminists and what feminism has taught them, including the concept of intersectionality.

“Intersectionality is the idea that feminism goes beyond just the equality for women,” Noel Diggs says. “…equality between races, gender, class…sexual orientation, and so forth.”

I’m impressed, especially since they seem to actually understand what they’re learning.

The students go on to discuss how they apply these concepts outside of school. Russell Lasdon says every time he reads a magazine or listens to a song, he easily recognizes misogynistic undertones.

“We’re the future of feminism right now,” says Nathaniel Magloire. “That’s why we have to keep the ball rolling.”

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