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I get so tired of the myths that are surrounding natural hair. They are tired, old, and despite all the newly naturals coming aboard daily, still hanging around. It’s almost like there is a stigma some want to hold against natural tresses but the purpose is unclear. Why do many still think or feel this way about natural hair and when is it going to stop?

There are myths about everything I guess but as black women begin and continue to embrace their natural hair the desire to mar this beautiful movement with negativity is the goal for some. I know not everyone has to like natural hair but giving out false information about it isn’t going to change the wave of naturals that are here to stay.

Natural hair is unprofessional – This is one myth that is dying slowly but surely and as it breathes its last few breaths I wonder why some just have to believe our natural hair is unprofessional. First off, there are women of all walks of life wearing their natural hair out and about at work, at play and everywhere in between. Church, school, the grocery store…you name it and naturals are everywhere rocking their naturalness with pride. To state or to believe that wearing our hair in its natural state is unprofessional is makes about as much sense as saying being black in unprofessional. We are a diverse world so saying only one way of wearing our tresses is professional is narrow-minded and that way of thinking is dying out.

Natural hair is expensive – It’s more like taking care of our hair is expensive or the products we use are expensive but that couldn’t be further from the truth. First off, many naturals are master mixtresses and make their own products and they are using many items that can be found in your local grocery store. That just means they are very reasonable. Secondly, the prices for many of our beloved products are the same prices as products for relaxed hair. Now, when this movement was in its infancy stage there weren’t as many brands or products around and they were kind of pricey. That was then and this is now. There are products and brands that you find naturals using and loving that are around $4 or $5 dollars! We have naturals loving Suave for goodness sake and we all know how cheap that brand is!

Natural hair is hard to manage – The most disturbing part of this myth is how quickly the naysayers forget about learning how to care for their relaxed tresses for the first time. Anything new will take time adjusting to and as many of us have been taking care of relaxed tresses for decades, it’s kind of silly to expect to become natural hair experts overnight. Natural hair has different needs. Our natural texture takes time to get used to only because we have been caring for chemically altered textures for so long. Natural hair takes understanding, proper tools and the correct products and unfortunately learning what those are take time and trial and error. Once you figure out what your hair needs you can get optimal results and the care will become second nature just as it had when relaxed. You can’t look at your natural tresses with the same eyes as you did when relaxed. It doesn’t look, need, flow or require the same techniques and when you realize this, the term “hard to manage” will began to dissipate.

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