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The big chop is one of the two ways to go natural. The big chop is cutting all of your relaxed hair off and only working with your natural hair (or really your new growth or the hair that isn’t relaxed but isn’t quite your natural texture). It make the journey somewhat easier since you will be only working with one texture and it’s kind of liberating as you leave your relaxed hair and old lifestyle behind. I did it and did it before I knew what it was called but as I embarked on that new journey so many years ago I really didn’t take care of my hair and ended up big chopping again. I’m not the first to do it and if you are on hair forums enough you know there are plenty of other naturals who have done two or even three big chops.

Why BC more than once? What’s the appeal or why must you consider it? It’s a choice for the most part for the first time but why for the 2nd or 3rd? It may be necessary for the health of your tresses or maybe you just wanna try something new. Whatever the reason there are times when it’s a vital part of keeping your hair and your sanity at its healthiest.

Your Hair is Severely Damaged
It can happen even when natural. I know many feel that only relaxed women have damaged hair but that isn’t true or fair for that matter. There are plenty of women with healthy relaxed hair who take care of it and keep it at optimal shape. If you have bad hair habits your hair will suffer regardless if it’s natural or relaxed. There are so many women who think going natural will miraculously solve their bad hair problems but if you neglect your tresses when relaxed or natural your hair will suffer. Heat damage, chemical damage from color, texturizers, or wearing wigs and weaves too long…all of these are reasons for a natural to want to BC again and revamp her hair and techniques.

You Are Looking For a New Do
Got long hair and want a big change? Chop it off! It’s a great way to try something new and exciting and there are so many sexy things to do with a TWA. Color it, dress it up with accessories, rock turbans, scarves and funky headbands or just rock it au naturale. There are so many cute styles that Lupita has rocked this year with her TWA and never added hair so if you can think outside the box and want to have some fun this summer, doing the BC again may be the outlet you’ve been looking for.

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  • Kai19XX

    When I stopped getting relaxers and went ‘natural’, I didn’t have to cut my hair; it just reverted back to the kinky texture.

    • Sarabi

      I don’t see how this is possible.
      Oh wait you’re being funny. Right??

    • Kai19XX

      No, I am not being funny.
      You may not ‘see’ how it is possible, but it is what happened with my hair. I mean, I didn’t get relaxers as often as some people would and my hair would start to look dull after about two weeks anyway.

    • AbortionsAreNotShameful

      You are a complete idiot

    • One Lala

      Chemically treated hair will never revert back to its original state.

    • Kai19XX

      You’re right. There is no way for MY EXPERIENCE to be true.

  • Kissyface

    I have been wanting to cut my hair for a while, now. I have split ends. Stress-induced illness caused my hair to come out at the nape of my neck on the left. I still have a ton of hair though, and I HATE detangling it. I miss the ease of just waking up, fluffing, and going about my day. I miss the ease of detangling taking just 3 minutes. At my current medium length, It takes way too long to wash detangle, and style. Plus I’m not a fan of finding new styles and actually doing them. I have very little patience for it all…

    • One Lala

      I feel you on that!! For the last six months, I have been doing braids, and a curly weave every few weeks, with about one week of letting my natural hair breath before the next style. I love wearing my hair out, but with working out and swimming, I can’t go more than two days without having to wash/style my hair – and I don’t have the time or patience for it.

  • Lisa

    I got the big chop in 09 and my hair was looking good. I wore all sorts of styles, even weaves, braids, and wigs, but my natural hair grew back so fast that I didn’t need any. The mistake I made was adding heat. I went to the Dominican salons once a month. My hair was long, healthy, and very bouncy. However in winter I wanted to wear my hair curly, girl my hair was curly halfway through, but the ends were straight….heat damage! So I didn’t do the big chop the second time, I just cut off the heat damage.