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Is the title a typo?  Nope, afraid not.  It’s a statement that more and more naturals are spouting off lately.  Let’s go back for a minute.  There’s been an unfounded belief that black hair, nappy hair or coily hair can’t grow.  It’s too thick, too stubborn, too whatever to grow long and luscious.  LIES!  Lies, but when many women have damaged their tresses through years of relaxing and straightening their tresses and not taking care of them properly it can make most feel that belief to be true.

Chemical straighteners and hot combs (have since been replaced by flat irons) are harsh on our tresses and when we don’t make sure to bring them back to life through proper protein treatments or maintenance we see many with thinning hair or hair that won’t grow past your shoulders.  I know because I was one of those women and as most of us craved for long hair that flowed through the wind we had the flowing hair but more often than not it was thin, lifeless and short.

Enter wigs, weaves and Locs and then finally black women can finally have long flowing tresses.  I add Locs but they have been around way longer than this natural hair movement and seem to be the red-headed stepchild in the movement but most black women knew Loc wearers could grow them to unspeakable lengths.  Despite their beauty and ability to grow long Locs do not drive many women to their side as the relaxers still reigned sitting very cozily to the wigs and weaves for black women.

Straight hair has always won as most feminine and most admired but around 2005 natural hair began creeping into the hair arena.  By 2010 it is no longer creeping but running and today, its spread like wildfire with women switching over to natural hair daily from every corner of the world.  It’s super big in the United States and the UK and has taken over the hair product isles in many of our favorites stores like Target.  The problem that many who desire natural tresses but can’t take the plunge is the ill-conceived belief of never having long hair.

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