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  • E

    soooooo excited for Uzo Aduba’s nomination! I hope she wins!

    but on another note…as much as i loove kerry and wish a million times over she wins, I wouldn’t bet on it…not with jiuliana marguiles (TGW), claire danes (HL), and robin wood (HOC) in the running as well…just my opinion…but still got my fingers crossed! Kudos to all the listed nominees!

    • One Lala

      There was such an uproar that Kerry Washington was snubbed last year for leading actress, and I needed to find out why. So, I watched season after season of HL, and I was sold on Claire Danes!! And then I gave up on Scandal…..

  • ALM247

    Some tough competition from some talented actors this year…..I’m beyond irked that Joe Morton is considered a “guest actor”. He could have almost been considered a lead this past season on “Scandal”.

  • One Lala

    Uzo!!! Yesssss…..As an actor, she takes you on the ride right along with her – and if you didn’t know better, you would think she really was a little crazy. And then you have ‘Luther’. Idris does an outstanding job on that series. As long as they keep teasing us with five new episodes ever now and again, I think most of will be happy.

  • Mary Burrell

    So happy for Uzo, her hair is beautiful.

  • Jael James

    Just want to say that Uzo is killing it with the natural hair. Oh, and I love, love, lovvve LaVerne!!!