Screen Shot 2014-07-21 at 1.41.32 PMWe’ve all face the office politics, double standards, and other obstacles at work, but many of us aren’t sticking around and tolerating it. According to a special KTVH 11 report, more black women are launching their own ventures – at a rate of more than six times the national average. Yep, we’re running our own ish.

“As more and more African-American women obtain higher degree levels, they’re more likely to start their own businesses because they feel they are better prepared to do so,” says Bruce James, Dean of Business at Philander Smith College.

“I’ve always done hair,” says Cushena Scott of Sheena’s Hair Emporium. “I majored in business. I might as well go to hair school and open my own salon.”

Scott is one of more than 1 million African-American women business owners in the U.S. today. But despite that number, James says starting a business is still an uphill battle for most minority women.

“One of the greater issues with not being successful for minorities and women in general is being under-capitalized when they start their business ventures,” says James.

Scott launched her online business three years ago; she started selling hair extensions with $500 in savings. She plans to open her salon this fall and hopes to be an inspiration to other women while she builds a legacy for her family.

“At the end of the day, I’m all about women empowerment,” Scott says. “She has everything; she can have everything. She can be what she wants to be.”

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