“Twerking” Booty Bounces Its Way Into The Oxford Dictionary

One of American hip-hop’s latest fixations is twerking, described by scholar Melissa Campbell as “an overtly sexualized hip-hop and R&B dance form in which women wiggle their posteriors and rub against their male partners.” Thanks in part to country and pop star, Miley Cyrus, twerking has been catapulted from its roots in the working-class neighborhoods of Shreveport, Louisiana to the public sphere. Twerking can now be found in the Oxford English Dictionary, and in spoofs on late night talk shows, like Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Twerking, like swag before it, has been co-opted. It’s no longer ours. Yet, twerking can be a means of getting free for black women.

Here are five reasons why.

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  • dtshowme

    These comments. I needed a good chuckle (assembling a twerk off for my rights).

  • binks

    You don’t have to tell me twice *putting in my DJ Jubilee bounce tape*…lol No but seriously I never seen people try to appropriate something that is supposed to be fun or people that is ashamed of something that is mostly done in fun. Maybe it is the southern culture in me but it isn’t that serious one way or the other.

  • Dede

    Idk about freeing thru twerking, but this is how women move throughout the African Diaspora. If you worry about what White…and some black men think, everything will be taken from you and glorified on another person. Check YT for non-white women trying to move. Sometimes, I find myself second guessing sensation to movie my hips when I hear music that moves me. Something is wrong with that. I ‘ m not talking about busting a move at work. I’m talking about the weight of criticism we internalize…and don’t have curves too…oh no.
    Some of these videos put shade on this type of dancing. But it doesn’t make the movement a bad thing. It’s sexy
    I find myself watching old videos of Fela Kuti dancers and admiring the beautiful the movement. I’m a former dancer. I start to dance too. Can’t sit on Fela anyway lol.

    And talking about this doesn’t take away from more pressing issues.

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