CBS Atlanta news anchor Michelle Burdo’s was temporarily possessed by Cliven Bundy when she used the term “colored woman” during a news broadcast. And it wasn’t just any news segment, it was one with a black hair care expert.

“Let me tell you something,” Burdo said during the live segment. “I’m not a colored woman but I have kinky hair just like her and when you straighten it every day, it’s…” She pauses.

The woman filled the empty air by saying, “healthier.”

Burdo, realizing her faux pas, apologized today for the slip:

“Yesterday, I made a pretty insensitive remark during one of our segments here on Better Mornings Atlanta. I apologize… Once again, I truly want to say from the bottom of my heart that I really am sorry about that comment. I made that comment in reference to my hair color but I used an inappropriate term.”

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  • Me

    that clip is misleading… the segment was about a product for women who color their hair. all the models had colored hair. the wording mistake was nbd. #clickbait

    • vintage3000

      Oh i get it–“colored woman” as in a woman with colored hair. You’re right no big deal


    • Not at all. Thanks for your comment.

    • Thanks for letting us know – but not clickbait. We were sent this as something to cover.

  • I would have had an issue w/ her touching my hair…

    • Chelley

      Right?! I WISH someone would try to put their hands in my hair without my permission. They’d get a swat real quick. It’s so disgusting how little respect white people have for us that they would think it’s perfectly fine to put their stranger fingers in our hair unannounced.

  • Chelley

    LMAO!! That was so embarrassing. B*tch you’re white! You don’t have kinky hair. White women wanna identify with black women so bad. First that white woman from Curly Nikki now this. Smh.

    • Carbar

      You’re ignorant. A lot of white women have very coarse curly hair, but that doesn’t mean they want to identify with black women.

      That anchor’s comment was thoughtless to say straight hair is healthier, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what it’s like to have curly hair. What is it with black women thinking they “own” curly hair? Sorry, but you don’t. I have had Khmer friends with kinky, coarse hair. I have had Indian friends with the same hair. I am a “colored woman” and I don’t see what’s so wrong about saying that.

    • Shelby

      You’re calling me ignorant and yet you’re confusing kinky hair and curly hair as the same thing LOL. Learn to read.