If you’re a Christian Louboutin fanatic, you’ll be overjoyed that the luxury shoe designer is about to launch a nail polish line.

What you won’t be psyched about is the price. At $50 a bottle, and 22 weeks to make, it isn’t for the thrifty. But the bottles are sleekly designed to look like the infamous Louboutin sharp heels.

“If I do beauty, I have to do it my way,” the renowned shoe designer told WWD. “I am someone who likes objects.”

Louboutin is launching with his signature red shade, aptly titled ‘Rouge Louboutin‘, which is said to have more pigment than any other polish on the market, which is why it’s so damn expensive.

Louboutin will launch another 30 shades after the initial launch, and they will  coincide with his various shoe collections.

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