Two major civil rights groups want Twitter to disclose their diversity numbers when it comes to their employees and users of the social media platform. The Rainbow Coalition and Color of Change want Twitter to do what every other giant tech company, like Yahoo, Google and Facebook has done; show that diversity actually exists in their corporation.

Color of Change started a petition seeking Twitter to cough up their numbers on diversity.  The civil rights organization doesn’t think that Twitter  has tons of women and minorities on staff, they outline an interesting reason why this particular disclosure is important.

“Though its minority representation numbers may mirror other Silicon Valley tech companies, Twitter has a very unique role to play in this national conversation about hiring discrimination. Although not on the payroll, Twitter’s platform — via the cultural force known as “Black Twitter” (6, 7, 8) — has been built off the creativity of Black people and, as such, the company owes our community more — more transparency, and a more thoughtful solutions-oriented approach that addresses its failure to be more inclusive without blaming Black people.”

Unfortunately, Twitter isn’t budging.

“Blacks, Hispanics and Asian Americans account for 41% of U.S. users, making Twitter more racially diverse than any other social network including Facebook,” says USA Today. 

Rashad Robinson, executive director of Color Of Change tells the paper, “We are not going to stand by and be silent while Twitter continues to benefit and grow off the creativity, the ideas and the engagement from our community while we are being shut out from the economic growth and opportunities that come with that.”

What people fail to understand is that even though they feel they have a right to a company’ s diversity, a company isn’t obligated to provide it to the public, outside of their annual governmental filings.

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