Earlier this week, the Medium posted an expose of sorts on Black Twitter and the DaQuan meme. Titled, “DaQuan is a White Girl” the author dissects Black Twitter “culture” as well as discloses that he “thinks” the person behind DaQuan is white.

Want to know why they think the person is white? Well simply based on the fact that they scoured the tweets and went back to one of the first few tweets belonging to the account and found:

From Medium:

Which isn’t surprising, as the person running the most popular Daquan twitter account is apparently a teenaged white girl. If you go back far enough into the @ItsDaquann account history (currently at 70k+ followers), it’s full of tweets that are mainly complaining about high school, complaining about eating too much pizza, and salivating over boys. Well, maybe she’s not white. She might be a very light-skinned Ethiopian, or Indian, or something. But that doesn’t really matter (more on this later). Whatever her particular identity may be, she’s certainly no Daquan.

Using this rationale, if you take a look at my Twitter pictures that were posted, I am also a white chick.

The fact of the matter is, if anyone is at fault with making this meme popular, its our own people.  As the meme is ripe with stereotypes and racism, the people laughing and sharing the meme are Black.  The person behind the meme, whether Black or white, has not only found a way to gain viral status in the over saturated world of memes, but also has managed to perpetuate every stereotype known to man.

So what if this person is white? Or if the person is Black? The truth of the matter is, is that if you Black people need to stop laughing and take issue with how they’re being portrayed and allowing themselves to be portrayed.


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