bigstock-African-American-Woman-Feels-S-45534106-e1399609784978-270x179Don’t go weeks without washing your hair
Washing your hair frequently is the secret to maintaining healthy natural hair. For one, you’re removing product that is covering your scalp and the strands of your hair that may restrict sebum (our body’s natural oil) from doing its job. Plus, with frequent washing, you are adding more moisture to your hair that may have been lost from cold winter winds or the unforgiven hot sun. Washing your hair every 3-5 days is a great start. And make sure to do it with either a co-washing shampoo or one that isn’t harsh. When you wash your hair, be sure to seal in the moisture with a water-based moisturizer and light oil. If you don’t, the water that’s meant to moisturize your hair will leave it super dry and brittle.

Don’t use oils alone
Oils are fantastic when used correctly. Putting oils like olive, jojoba, and castor on dry hair as a moisturizer will not keep your coils moisturized. Oils should be used to seal in moisture from water or conditioners, not just sit on your hair or else you won’t see the benefits.

Don’t clip your ends often
The old belief that the more you clip your ends the longer your hair will grow should be reexamined. You should definitely clip your ends – when you need to. Frequently clipping your ends may lead to you cutting off healthy hair which will have you believing that your hair isn’t growing. Some women clip the ends of their hair twice a year which is reasonable. If you are actively caring for the ends of your hair and making sure to moisturize then seal in that moisture, you may find that you don’t need to clip your ends as often.

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