I remember when I told my father I wanted to be a princess when I was grew up. He told me to use my imagination. But a father in Virginia is trying to make his daughter’s princess dreams come true.

 Jeremiah Heaton from his home in Virginia to Egypt and then through the desert into Bir Tawil, an 800-square-mile patch of unclaimed land along the Sudanese border. On June 16, the day Emily turned 7, he declared it the “Kingdom of North Sudan” and planted a flag designed by his three children.

“I wanted to show my kids I will literally go to the ends of the earth to make their wishes and dreams come true,” Heaton explains to the Washington Post.

Heaton said he did his research and learned that  Bir Tawil is (or was) an unclaimed territory because of a  border dispute between Sudan and Egypt; then he got permission from Egyptian authorities to travel there.

But Heaton may need to slow his roll, an expert told the Bristol Herald Courier, Heaton will need to get legal recognition from neighboring countries or the UN—and he says he intends to pursue that formal step next.

Heaton said he’s only doing what history has taught him. Plant a flag. Claim the land. The only difference here is that “this nation was claimed for love,” not as a result of war or imperialism. Heaton wants to turn the “Kingdom of North Sudan” into an agricultural production center; because Princess Emily wants to provide food to children in the region.

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